Friday, July 4, 2008

Body for Life

My sister and I are all doing a program called Body for Life. Bill Phillips came up with it in the late 1990s, made a lot of money and taught a whole bunch of people how to trim off the fat in 12 weeks. I think it is one of the best programs ever!

First of all, I get to eat 6 times a day and any program that allows me to eat that much is fantastic in my book. Of course, the portions are small and it's important to include a protein and a carb at each meal. And I don't have to count anything or figure out what a portion size is. As long as it's the size of my palm or fist, then it's the right amount. How easy is that!

The second thing is I exercise 6 times a week. Yep, every day of the week except for one. BUT, every other day is only 20 minutes of cardio. And the days that aren't cardio are less than an hour of free weights. For example, Monday would be lower body, Wednesday is upper body and Friday is back to lower. Then you continue the cycle the next week. Pretty easy, huh?

It actually is. The hardest part is planning. The program requires a good amount of planning. Meals, exact workouts, eating schedule. But the forms are provided to make it a little easier. And they work. I sit down every night and go over what our workouts are going to be for the next day and what we're going to eat. It helps that we generally eat the same thing.

It's also a great conversation topic. The plan gives you a goal and a way to reach it and 12 weeks of nonstop fun! I have become a walking advertisement for it. And since I'm always writing about something, I decided to keep a blog about this as well. If you want more info, click above or go to

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