Thursday, February 4, 2010

Olivia Hair Salon

JR gives one amazing shampoo and it's almost insulting to call it that. I would go back to this hair salon on Taylor Road in Montgomery every day just for it!

I used to think the girls at the Dragon Hill Lodge on Yongsan Garrison were the best. Little Korean girls who were taking your scalp off also took your headaches away. These little demons with fire on the ends of their hands massaged away anything that might have been a thought. I've held onto that for over six years.

But today long, very strong fingers ran over every inch of my head and neck. No thought entered my normally frantic brain. Muscles that plague into migraines were tamed and phrenologists from the 18th century would have been jealous of the knots he smoothed into submission.

Not quite ready to yank the gold from the Koreans and hand it to JR...I'll have to go back for another try and it will be so worth it!


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