Saturday, June 19, 2010

The A-Team

Yahoo! users gave ""The A-Team" an A.

I personally would give it a B.

The show was a family fav when I was a kid so of course I wouldn't miss it. It was fantastic...lots of action, great characters, funny lines, good set-up for a sequel. The four main characters could have walked out of the 1980s roles. Murdock was just as silly as he was back then. Hannibal was as god-like. Face and Barracus -- the same cool dudes kickin doors, communicating with mere nods of the head.

BUT, the thing that nagged at me through the entire movie was Jessica Biel's character.

Who is this Army captain that rarely wears a uniform and bosses around 4-star generals? Her character was never developed and her role was never clearly defined in the movie. Maybe it's because I know that a captain would never wield that kind of power...perhaps a CID captain. (That's Criminal Investigative Division)
But even so, no captain I know, not even CID, would ever speak to a 4-star that way. And no 4-star I've ever met would take it past the first word.

So my question to Hollywood is this: please tell me who this person is that is giving orders to colonels and generals? If you could define her authority for me, I think your movie would go from a B to an A, hands down!

Beyond that annoying little splinter, the movie rocked!

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