Monday, August 2, 2010

The Mason Jar

I ventured out to explore today and had lunch at The Mason Jar - a cute little restaurant just outside the adobe block of Old Colorado City.

It boasts a legendary Chicken Fried Steak but I had a mouthwatering blackened salmon. It came with a salad and baked potato. I could have had mashed or french fries. One thing about a salad is the type of Italian dressing -- this was the good kind, not the cheap kind. The menu is American bar and grill. Portion sizes were perfect. The prices were reasonable.

But the best part of the meal had to be the cornbread. Now, being from the South, we know cornbread. And The Mason Jar could have any debutante from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, cheering Roll Tide! with that cornbread.

The atmosphere was nice with its Colorado log cabin motif. The entire dining room was designed for cabin comfort down to the items on the table. There are benches on the length of the long porch out front to sit and enjoy the breeze.

It was a busy lunch time but I never had to ask for refills on my iced tea, which of course was served in a mason jar. And although the girls were nice and efficient, they were not overly friendly or chatty. But then again, I am from the South so Bless their hearts. No doubt, I'll definitely be back.

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