Friday, September 17, 2010

A good place

A Poem Written at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center
Writing Retreat 2010

Dammit I’m good. Come hell or high water I’ll believe it.
The place with no sin is not in a Grimms Fairy Tale forest
It is a place I will believe exists.
Where judgment obliterates crappy ideas of self
Where good things wind their way around me like the wind whipping through the weeping willows
Through me, in me.
The sun will beat strong and red on my face until the quiet smile of recognition spreads.
I still feel the stones .. .the little crimes under my feet – the natural, reminder of humanity
And I will release them to the sun and the wind and the mountains.
The two hearts in me will believe.
The one that beats will release its stranglehold of guilt on the one that breaks.
There will be a thunderclap release of lightening
A flash of a better self.
Dammit I’m good. And come hell or high water I will believe it.

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