Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republican National Convention

DISCLAIMER: I am a registered Republican and have voted in every presidential election since Ross Perot split the vote in 1992. My mother chastised me when I told her I was voting for an obscure Libertarian from New Mexico as a protest against the mainstream candidates. So as a peace offering, I decided to watch the Republican National Convention. Well, Ann Romney was a sweetie and I can see how mothers and wives would just love her. New Jersey Gov Chris Christie totally disappointed me. I've seen him give some awesome, fiery speeches. This was not it. John McCain's speech sounded a lot like the Bush Administration but elections are not won on foreign policy. And Condi Rice probably gave the RNC more credibility in her 10 minutes than any other speaker. Ryan's speech was exciting and I like his iPod choices but even I knew some of it was a stretch. Romney sounded like the same ole guy he's always sounded like. Look, the bottom line for me is that the RNC seems to think that newbies have a place and should be put in it. They don't recognize the validity of the American people exercising their right to elect someone who is not mainstream. The catastrophe of the Republicans here in Colorado demonstrate the bigger picture. Because the GOP did not like the Tea Party backed Republican who won the state primary for the governorship, they backed their own guy. Split the vote and elected the Democrat. Any idiot who attended even a day of 8th grade civics could have called this one. So, sorry Mom. I'm still liking my Libertarian because at least his party understands that when the American people vote, they do it for a reason. In this race, however, it is the first time any optimism I may have had about the political process in the US is in the gutter. Neither side tells the truth and the only thing they both agree on is how to get re-elected. In its current state, nothing our elected "leaders" do will change the nearly 9% unemployment or the $4T deficit or the exploded federal government. Until they learn they work for the American people, I'm voting my conscious regardless of who's elected. The whole process is disgusting. By the way, yes, I'm watching the DNC next week. Just to compare and I'm sure I'll be blasting them by Thursday. Happy Politics!

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