Sunday, February 25, 2007

Out Your Secrets

Trendy website that is what it says. Posting secrets. Mostly short one or two liners. Some are funny….”I sent my husband flowers with a note that said “Give these to your wife tonight when you get home.”

Others are serious: a photo of a dead man marked in white chalk reads “When they asked me if he suffered, I always say no. The truth doesn’t matter anyway.”

More are sappy—taped to a Mexican flag is “I’m learning Spanish so I can tell you I love you and it will mean more than if I say it in English….Te quiero Mateo.”

Even more are wistful…a photo of a waterfall splashing over boulders and surrounded by trees reads “I want to go home, but I haven’t found it yet.”

And of course, the angry ones “I hate your post punk guitar riffs; I never told you I was a concert violinist.”

And all this tornado of emotion does is make me think about what secret I would write. But why? Is it kinda like that whole write a letter to yourself about something that’s tearing you up and then burn it in symbolic release? Maybe but not for me.
Could just be that some of the posts are so hilarious that I want to join in. I had a liposuction consult by a German doctor with crazy, wild hair who used to work in LA. He laughed out loud at me for wanting to get rid of 5 pounds. Probably because I could shed them if I’d stop eating and get off the couch. But my irritant flab is not really a secret.

How about my secret desire to quit my PR job and be an Oscar winning actress. Good timing since the 2008 Oscar field is wide open right now. But I don’t think that would shock most folks either.

Could just be that I’d like to be able to express my opinion and damn the consequences. Nay…I do that anyway and the consequences aren’t as bad as I fear they will be before I just do it.

Maybe I just don’t have any secrets but I’d like to hang out with the cool people that do. The website is just too cool….so I’ll just put it in my favorites or make it my homepage and read all about every one else’s secrets. I can always post mine right here.

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  1. I love that website! The greatest thing.