Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pickle Pod and the Zedcaster

I love podcasts! And not just any podcasts. News podcasts.

I'm absolutely addicted to whether or not North Korea will demand food and money for compliance with some agreement that it will inevitably pull out of like a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum; and to crossing my fingers in the hopes that one of the "Friends" alums will star in a new television show that will last past Christmas; and to listening for Cuban Salsa music fade into the night on hot rods speeding to Havana after Castro finally goes "muerto."

Doesn't matter where in the world or what in the world, I am addicted to knowing what is going on in it. Not to mention sticking the earphones in is a great excuse to ignoring the acrobatic chaos around me at work.

See I'm in public relations and therefore required to be up to date on the latest happenings everywhere. How made for me is that? Funny thing is that it is made for all the guys around me too. We get to dissect then debate, curse and spit at each other over every political, social and economic issue as if our opinions on the matters will be drafted up for Congress.

So my iPod has podcasts from every news outlet there is from Asia to Africa to Texas. And now that I'm looking at all those Time Mag 50 Coolest Websites, I can tune in even more. was one of their picks and with its subtle green banners and cucumber-shaped font, I am directed to the craziest, freakiest, stuffiest and coolest podcasts available on the web. You can even sign up for a random drawing that, if you are just that lucky, gives you the honor of being the Pickler and tracking down the newest podcasts and posting them to the site.

It's a total underground for edgy casts that wouldn't make it to places like iTunes. Can't get more ahead of the news than with Griddlecast Radio, The Nate and Di Show or the Zedcaster. Wait til they read this at work. I'll lose my edge.


  1. Try also!

  2. iTunes has a good list of podcasts