Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How far have you traveled?

My friend, we call him Fry, has this cool map on his MySpace account that show he has visited at least 10% of the world's countries. So I decided to see how much my husband and I have seen. Not much more than Fry at 15% but 100% more than I ever thought I would see growing up in Podunk, Tennessee. So I linked it to this post.

Yall know I love those cool and unusual websites and this one is pretty cool. Register, takes 2 minutes, and check all the boxes for each state and country you've ever flown into, laid over, beached on, lived in or partied with. It will generate a colored version and tell you just how much you've actually seen. Ours has more color on it than I thought it would. Looks like we should visit north and west US more...we'll have to get in some cattle drives and mountain climbing.

So try it out. and see just how far you've been. It may surprise you.


  1. 10% of the world's countries for me!
    Dontcha love it??

  2. Whoa! I you mentioned little ole-me in your Blog?

    One more cool point.