Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate - a whole lotta fun

So I'm sitting here listening to the vice-presidential debate.

Joe Biden is his normal loquacious self. Ranting and raving, raising his hands and hitting grand slams on foreign policy. Exactly where he should have considering his extensive foreign policy experience. He explained the Ahmadinejad did not control the Iranian security apparatus but that the theocracy did. While that is a true statement, I'm not sure most of the American people won't understand that. The Supreme Leader Ayotallah Khomeini is the leader of Iran but the American people have been exposed more to Ahmadinejad -- the same man who stood behind the capture of UK citizens and the supplying of weapons to Shiites in Iraq.

Sarah Palin winks and uses lexicon that resonates with every American. While foreign policy is not her strong point, energy and economics are. She is scoring two-point conversions on those issues. Taking on major oil companies and McCain's tax voting record help her score those points. Her biggest message is a typical conservative one -- keep the government out of our business and let us raise our families and build successful businesses.

The one thing they agreed on is same-sex marriage. Neither support a definition of marriage as anything but a man and a woman. On the same note, they both agree for a civil union as such. This isn't too surprising since he is a Catholic and she is an Evangelist.

So far, I'd say Palin held her own up against one of the best debaters in the Senate.

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