Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm from the South - and here's how I know

My cousin's wedding had a 3-hour intermission during an Alabama-Auburn game

My first word was "Bama" and my sister's first word was "Tide"

I eat grits with salt and butter; sugar is for Yankees and we call that "cream of wheat"

My aunt had a debutante coming out party in Atlanta

I've worn a sundress to an Alabama football game

My grandfather's prototype microwave was taken to the repair shop and in the meantime, he bought a new one and took it back when the old one was fixed

Most of my family members have two names: Ray Bo, Mary Beth, Sunny Ann, John Paul, Janie Carol, John Michael, Mary Anna

I can set a 5-course meal place setting for 20 with linen napkins, wine glasses, water glasses, tea glasses and coffee cups with saucers in less than 10 minutes

My parents have actually "bondo'd" a car and driven it like that

The house I grew up in had an outhouse by the barn in case the new plumbing didn't work

I say words like "fixin," "all yall," "Momma," and describe driving directions with words like "down the road," "take a left at the huge oak," and "if you've hit the creek, you've gone too far."

As far as I know, there is no other football league or conference outside the SEC
Also as far as I know, there is no other baseball team besides the Braves

My Alabama history class in the seventh grade consisted of a trip to a Civil War Reenactment

I call everyone older than me "Sir" or "Ma'am"

When it looks like snow, I don't drive because the crazy people racing to grab the last of the milk and bread don't know how to

I call anyone who lives above the Mason-Dixon line a "Yankee" and sometimes that includes those border state folks

And lastly, I can carry on a conversation with any stranger anywhere about family, church and gossip without hurting anyone's feelings or truly giving away any information, "Bless her heart."


  1. that is so true about sugar in grits...yuck!