Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What do rabbit ears and Bama football have in common? NOTHING!!! -- Part I

The biggest game of the year for Alabama fans was on CBS last weekend.

Hailing to the uprights at the Georgia Dome in Hotlanta, the Tide was to faced off against the Gators in the first BCS 1-2 matchup in SEC history. To be fair, the BCS isn't very old but nothing was going to stop the Bama Nation from watching their beloved Nick Saban pull the prized Alabama football team up from its embarrassing drudge of pigskin play of the past few years back to the super heights of college ball.

This season has been spectacular with an 11-0 record going into the SEC Championship game. My father, an icon in his daughter’s eyes because he played for the Bear, would have wept to see it after all these years. And his other daughter carries on his legacy of pulling her chair directly in front of the TV and screaming at it with her hands flailing for the entire 3 hours of post routes, body slams and 2-minute drills. Shrill screams have pierced the ears of anyone daring to talk to her during Eli Gold’s play-by-play and the rule of thumb is to just tip-toe around, drink a lot of beer and don’t munch the chips too loudly when she’s in the room. For her, there is NO missing Bama football.

That daughter, my sister, came to my house to bow to the LCD panel god for the big game. Now this puts a lot of pressure on me. There is no room for error. So I invited friends over. Chopped up veggies for munchies. Grabbed enough beans, burger and chili powder to make 2 gallons of chili. Put beer on ice and decorated the house in about an hour.

But here’s the kicker….my cable was out and I didn't have CBS.

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