Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm a sucker: Twilight

Ok when I first heard about Twilight, it was on the radio as the announcer was chatting in awe about the internet following of the vampire series and how EVERYONE was freaking out about the movie opening. I was so out of touch that I had no idea what he was talking about and when he said "vampire" I didn't give it another thought.

Then my sister told me she read all four books in less than two weeks. The only thought I had was the my sister doesn't even like to read. And she would not shut up about how she couldn't wait to see the movie.

Day after day I heard the shrieking, morning show voices on the radio endlessly talking up this movie. People of all ages would call into the show to shout about how fantastic the book and the movie were. Twilight this and twilight that. I couldn't think of anything less boring than another vampire movie. That's probably because the only vampire movie I could remember was that cheesy David Arquette high school one.

But over Thanksgiving I gave in and took my cousin to see it. Mainly because it was the only movie on that we could remotely agree on. After watching the movie, I still didn't get all the hype. It was melodramatic and over-the-top sappy. It's possible that I totally crushed my sister when I told her that.

Then over Christmas my brother told me that he read all four books in less than two weeks too. Then in late January another friend told me he read the first book and loved it. My will depleted; I borrowed his book last weekend. The first few chapters were good but then I had some real time to read and the pages flew over my fingers. There was no putting it down. I finished it Friday. Bought the second one yesterday and finished it last night. Bought the third one today and the only reason I'm not done with it yet is because I'm writing about it.

The movie was decent but wasn't fair to the original. Stephenie Meyer wrote a spellbinding series that I can't put down. The first one is 521 pages of pure foreplay. And I don't mean that like anticipation. I mean that the energy between Bella and Edward is so potent and palpable that my heart raced and skin tingled as I read. Stories should take the reader on an emotional journey and this one does that in a way no other book has done for me in a long time. Forget that this is supposed to be a young adult novel. This is a story that every single person can relate to on some level. From someone who knew absolutely nothing about it and wrote it off as just another trite vampire flick, I am totally hooked!


  1. Just to clarify - I read all four books in 3 days. I've never been one to enjoy sitting still, but these books had my butt on the couch for 3 days!

  2. I am totally hooked too. I read the first two books over here within the first 2 weeks of getting into country. I am almost done with the third and I already have the fourth here so as soon as I finish, I can pick it up. I found myself staying up til 0200 or 0300 just to finish a chapter or book. I was completely like you, wondering what all the hype was and not truly understanding the comparison to the Harry Potter series, but I am completely hooked..