Monday, October 29, 2012

What's the best start to your day?

How about with a herd of deer watching you frantically push buttons on your phone camera to take a shot at them?

As we rush out to the garage this morning, I go about my normal routine of running to the car, jerking open the door, shoving the key in the ignition, all the while yelling at Tornado (my sweet but glacially slow-moving 5th grader) to grab her crap and GET IN THE CAR before we're late!

She saunters out with her daily, universe-sized smile, not a care in the world, and her arms loaded with bags, bunnies and bowl of oatmeal (yes, she eats in the car when she's late), and then exclaims, "Mommy look!"

Our suburbia neighborhood tends to see wildlife from time to time because we are so close to the Rocky Mountains.  We have lots of rabbits and red fox, the occasional bear and once a year, I see deer.  This morning was our annual visit by the herd, so close I could smell the earth on their hides.

When I look up with one leg in the car and one still dangling on the carport, I gasp and reach for my phone, which of course gets tangled up in my fingers.  I push buttons and repush and flounder out of the car.  

Finally, I just stop.  

The daddy deer paused in our driveway and eyeballed me, and as the head of the household paused, so did the rest of the family.  Their deep brown eyes take in the whirlwind of morning rush.  Their amusement obvious in their observation.  Suddenly, time stopped and the sunrise warmed my face.  Simultaneously, the brown noses of four deer shake their heads and then meander toward the backyard.  Straight out of Northern Exposure.

As a bunny bounced behind the deer and Tornado's smile got even bigger, I knew today was going to be a good day.