Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Resolutions: Yeah, right

This year I made New Year's Resolutions.  To eat right, exercise, learn to sew, play the piano and scrapbook, oh and read 104 books.
Yeah, right.

  • I've made the first two before.  Still weigh the same as I did two years ago and haven't run a lick in six months.  But with the hubs and I focusing on a plant-based diet, it might be easier to do this year.

  • I don't own a sewing machine or a piano so those goals look pretty slim.  And every time I think of scrapbooking, I buy a bunch of really cute paper, crazy cutters and stickers.  Plastic bins overflow in my office and stare accusingly.  Space in the closet for shoving those bins is a much more realistic resolution.

  • However, there is a bright shining star in this equation and it's full of fire.  I own a Kindle.  In fact, I own two.  I have a Goodreads account and a dozen paperbacks ready to start my 104-book reading goal.   My daughter has agreed to read with me and swears she can read her way to more books than me and certainly more than 104 books.   The gauntlet has been thrown and no former cheerleader from Tennessee can pass that up.  Besides if I win, I'm headed to Ireland.  

So, game on.  And good wishes to all you out there who also made resolutions.  May you have the wind in your sails and colors in your rainbows and a whole lot of wine if it doesn't work out.

Did you make a resolution?  What is your failsafe, fallback plan for survival?


  1. I looked at my mileage from last year and saw it was a measly 188 miles. (2012 wasn't a good medical year) So I resolved to run 300 miles this year. That's even with working an exec job where I'm at work from 6am to 8pm. It will be difficult, but I should be able to manage it.

    I also resolved to run a sub-30 minute 5k. I've gotten markedly slower as I've added candles to the old birthday cake; I want to have a burst of speed again. At least once. Then I can settle back into a nice comfortable pace.

    When I stick to these resolutions, the side benefit of trimming a few pounds should also not making that an official resolution. But I'm looking forward to that as well!!

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  2. I have suggestions to help you achieve two of your goals. This is my sewing machine : And despite the low price tag, it works quite well. You could buy it and at least learn a few basics.
    As for scrapbooking, I do one family album a year, but I do it on Shutterfly. That way, I'm at least making use of some of the zillion pictures I've taken throughout the year, and it's far less time-consuming than traditional scrapbooking. Shutterfly also has all sorts of digital embellishments you can add to your pages. I organize my family album by month.

    As for my own resolutions: Finish my NaNo novel. Start a second. And run a trail half marathon.