Monday, January 7, 2013

Relationship with your Muse

Are you working on your relationship?  Because, as any counselor will tell you, they take work.  You may have met, experienced love at first sight, and thought it would be sandy beaches and softly lapping waves for the rest of eternity, but you’re in for a rude awakening.  Muse, she is one fickle significant other. 

That honeymoon period when you were bursting with creative energy and love for your story?  Yes, that will end.  If you want to reach the end of that story with minimal agony, you’re going to have to build a strong relationship with Muse.  In case you haven’t noticed, she can be quite the bitch.  But then, you don’t always remember to take out the trash or write “milk” on the list either, do you? 

Here are five tried and true relationship tips to take you and Muse from first base to happily ever after:

1. Commit to spending quality time together on a regular basis:  You have to set aside time for her.  She doesn’t want to share you with the household bills, kids, or report for work.  She is flexible, however.  And maybe a little kinky.  She is fine if your quality time together is in the shower.  Or right after you wake up in the morning. 

2. Be playful and surprise your partner:  Maybe Muse doesn’t want to hear you describe the setting for the tenth time.  Maybe she would get really excited if you would throw in something unexpected—and forget the flowers, chocolates, and sappy movies.  Instead, offer her a manticore, a long-lost twin, or even a corpse.  That ought to dilate her pupils.

3. Make it about more than winning:  If you want to make this work long-term, you have to look beyond the immediate finish line tape.  You want that manuscript done, but not at her expense.  Don’t approach the relationship with the attitude that you’re always right.  She has a voice, an important one, and you have to allow her to be heard if you want this partnership to last.

4. Don’t assume you know what your partner needs:  You may have been together a while now and gotten to know some of her quirks, but that doesn’t make you a mind reader.  After all, people change!  Let her tell you what she needs and I guarantee you’ll be surprised.  Your protagonist has a secret ability?  The villain is blind?  The whole story really took place in an alternate dimension?  You might think you know…but you don’t.  You have to ask.

5. Maintain outside interests and relationships:  Muse may be the One, but she’s not the only one.  Don’t allow your relationship to be all-consuming.  Muse can’t meet all your needs and she’s not the only one you can use to bounce ideas.  Family, friends, and fellow writers will offer you fresh perspective.  Pursuing other passions will prevent you from getting burnt out and help you return to Muse with a glint in your eye. 

Elizabeth Caraway writes the Motivated Mama blog ( and spends her time away from Muse running great distances, corralling munchkins, and kissing her hot, nerdy husband.

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