Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cart Paths and Freakin' Trees

He hit 6 trees and every time he hit a cart path, his ball would zoom an extra 30 yards. I spent more time looking for his balls in the rough than I did actually golfing on the 18-hole course yesterday. My team played best ball in a work tournament and only by the grace of God did we hit 3 over par. Scott, Ethan and Phil were my partners in crime.

Scott hit a straight-ball streak around hole 9 but smacked another tree on hole 12. Two holes later he climbed into the horse pen to retreive another ball and another two holes later, he nailed a bird at the top of an old oak tree.

The best part of the day was the use of Jim's driver. Phil calls it "the toaster" because it is by far the most massive driver I have ever seen. When they hit with it, it sounds like Tiger Woods just nailed a 400-yarder ... the skies open and golf angels sing. The first time Ethan took a whack at it, the ball soared over the grass and came up short at the women's tee box. But man did it sound good. The guys have decided Jim may never get his driver back.

It rained and we took a wrong turn but the day was lots of fun; especially later over beers.

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