Sunday, November 2, 2008


This past year and a half or so has been so exciting! I've had a great time watching all this politics and election stuff. BUT I'M SO GLAD IT'S JUST ABOUT OVER!!!!
McCain will cut your taxes. Obama will raise them. McCain is for off-shore drilling. Obama is for clean coal but will tax it. McCain wants capitalism to work, even in the health-care industry. Obama wants socialized medicine (that means YOU pay for it). McCain is pro-life. Obama is pro-choice.
The bottom line to me is how involved do you want the government to be in your life? I want the federal government to make sure roads are built, electricity works and capitalism is strong. That's it. Nothing else. Other than those two things, the government can stay put in DC.
But the most compelling issue during this election cycle for me is the war. I have too many friends sitting in Iraq and Afghanistan for it not to be. Candidates can talk about pulling out all they want to but if they do it irresponsibly or too quickly, then what happens to the last few left in Baghdad? Do people remember what happen in Saigon during the embassy evac in April 1975? I do not want that to be my friends. They are heroes for doing the duty asked of them by the American people and deserve a president who understands that.

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