Friday, April 23, 2010

Border Control

So the Arizona governor signed illegal immigration legislation today. That spun everyone up!

The left is screaming that it's racial profiling and violating all sorts of individual civil liberties. The right applauds it as a tough stance in the face of violence and the stoppage of the illegal use of American programs. Others say that Jan Brewer is in a super tough political race this year and it's a political stunt.

However, when you look at the Robert Krentz murder case, a local Arizona rancher who was found dead in his truck last month -- the locals say all evidence points to an illegal smuggler. The day before he and his dog were shot, Robert's brother had called border patrol about a caravan of illegals. They found 280 pounds of marijuana, which makes you wonder if it was a retribution killing.

This is the first murder in 30 years but the foot traffic through the area is so rampant that it looks like a dump from the clothes, food, water bottles, trash dropped by the folks walking across the border every day. It's just proof of the amount of people crossing the border. Pleas of federal assistance have been ignored.

Does one murder constitute a new state law requiring people to carry their immigration papers? No. But drug traffic over the border is uncontrollable. American tax dollars pay for free school lunches, emergency room care, ESL programs, welfare and other programs. Violence is up, especially in places like El Paso, Texas, across from Ciudad Juarez where the drug cartels have been known to kill DEA agents and leave them in open graves. Locals claim that illegals just walk through their land every day. And they do take jobs away from people who are here legally.

And that is the bottom line. It will be an interesting next few days as the pundits debate it. Obama has already said it's "misguided." I'd like to see if it helps or hurts the Arizona governor. They already have that great Sheriff in Joe Arpaio. Looks to me like they are leading the way.

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