Thursday, April 22, 2010

iPad - thinking about it

98-year-old Virgina Campbell bought her first piece of computer equipment - ever! And it was an iPad. The woman has glaucoma and just sped through 2 books on the iPad. Talk about an advertisement.

From everything I've read, I'm thinking this might be a good buy, next year. I'd like to wait for the second generation because other than being a great eReader and according to one friend, it will change the gaming world, I'm not sure yet about it's ultimate significance.

It isn't a laptop. If you want one of those, get the Macbook. It isn't a phone. If you want one of those, get an iPhone. It doesn't have a camera and won't run multiple apps at once.

I am in the market for an eReader and I was looking at the Kindle, but I love the hype about the iPad. However, this one appears to be more suited for magazines and comics. Still more research to be done. But I'm on the edge...

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