Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I don't have a product

Just finished reading DM Scott's World Wide Rave.

Love the book. Love the ideas. Ready to implement. Two concerns.

1 - I don't have a product.
2 - I work for a company that won't fold, ever.

So, I don't have a product. Maybe that should be my product. I'm just a girl who really likes social media. Sees the value in social media and networking. I mooch off news organizations and I blog about what other folks are saying and doing.

His book didn't talk about blogging and I wish that he did. Sure everyone has an opinion and in this narcissistic society, everyone wants to be heard and be famous. Is that new? I don't think so. I also don't think that is a new concept to psychologists or anthropologists. Maslow might even argue that the need for acceptance is right up there after food. So I'm not sure that narcissism is unique to this generation. We just now have the tools to feed it (hence, the World Wide Rave).

Two, I don't work for a company that will fold, ever. I work for the U.S. government. On page 99 of his book, Scott encourages you to quit and "work for a company that embraces the new world" because "your company won't be around in a few years." That is good advice if I were a corporate weenie but I'm not. I'm a government weenie. And in the hierarchical, dictatorial society of "do it because I've been around a lot longer therefore I know better" - social media is barely cracking the operational security iron curtain of pentagon firewalls, bandwidth and paranoia that I'd like it to.

To be fair, the DoD just put out a blanket policy to open unclassified computers to social media sites and the Air Force is testing it right now. Is that enough to crack the culture? No way but it is at least a start.

So.... if my product is how the DoD can speed up this integration, then maybe I can write an eBook as Scott suggests. or maybe I can make fun of how complicated the DoD has to make everything. Any ideas here are greatly appreciated.

Otherwise, my product will be that I don't have one and I will create a blog, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts with my opinion on the direction of DoD social media integration and conservative US politics. Any takers?

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  1. Jenny, I read this last night and was thinking that it appears you do have a product; however, it's more of a service ... providing your insights and perspective on social media and perhaps other things that tie into it. You could be a connoisseur of social media ... what it is, how it is used and its possibilities. For what its worth.