Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Rock to Dallas

I thank the publishing gods for giving us audio books and I thank the igods for giving us iTune movies. Those two things kept Caiden and I occupied while driving in excruciating Texas heat for 2 more hours than we thought it would take. It's pretty amazing how fast a six hour drive can go by while engaged with the Hunger Games.

But once at the lake in Frisco, it was smooth sailing. Caiden swam off the dock with John for a bit and the view from our living room is all lake all the time.

John, my brother, is up from San Antonio. I figure it's been at least 2 and a half years since I've seen him so this has been lots of fun. We went tooling out on the lake today with the resident pontoon and Caiden did some swimming. When I jumped in I felt the cold of the Titanic in my lungs and through my hyperventilating, I felt goosebumps all over my body. But the 111-degree heat of later in the day rid my skin of all those pesky things.

We made it to the Southfork Ranch, of the TV show Dallas fame after a quick stop at the Chinese Cultural Center (which was closed and rather shack looking).

But what is the most important thing to do while cross country tripping? Staying out of the blessed heat that I swear the sun reserves just for Texas and maybe Death Valley.

And while we could have picked any number of museums and indoor activity places, we chose an old standby. Movies. Pirates Band of Misfits was a nice way to beat the heat followed by fruit drinks at the smoothie store.

Tomorrow, it's off to Amarillo.

Best part of the day for Caiden: Uncle John & the movie; except Uncle John needs to get off his iPhone (haha!)

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