Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nashville to Little Rock via Graceland

After a frantic chase to locate my cell phone and iPod (Mom, thanks for finding them under the bed and meeting me at Shell with them), we were off about an hour behind a thinly veiled schedule.

To grab some snacks, we stopped at Trader Joe's in Nashville and then settled in for the long road to Memphis. Caiden watched Thumbelina and Barbie videos; I listened to the Hunger Games on audio iPod (which is what drove the frantic search in the first place -- thanks Suzanne Collins also for giving me reason to look for it). I finished it by the time we pulled into a local vegan cafe in Memphis on Young Street. "Vegan" in this case meant "fake meat" cafe but it worked. Caiden had me make a deal with her though. For every vegan restaurant I pick, she gets to pick a sufficiently carnivore one. We shook on it.

Graceland the mansion is very cool but that's it ... the tour is a cattle herd and doesn't give you the time to really enjoy the house or the grounds and no way was I paying more and more money to see the extra 5 or 6 or 7 exhibits. Crazy nickel and dime location. But it was a stop on the trip worth the $40 for a couple of hours of walking around. I do not recommend anything but the basic tour. You'll get the idea.

Then on to Little Rock for a quick pass through and stay at a local Holiday Inn on the West side of the city. This will be the only time we stay at a hotel. I'm looking forward to the lake tomorrow.

Only two stops for gas today ... roughly $100 total. Not too bad. I'm guessing this trip will cost us about $1500. I'm keeping track.

Well, down for the count. Here's to a long night's sleep!

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